How To’s

1. Multi-section Sewing With a Hard Cover

A series of short movies demonstrating how to make a codex book with lots of pages.

For captions – click on “CC” at the bottom of the screen.

Multi Section Part 1 РSewing 

Multi section Part 2 – Glueing up the Spine

Multi section Part 3 – Adding Endpapers

Multi section Part 4 – Trimming the Pages


Please note you must have a H&S Induction to use the Ream Cutter shown in this video

Multi section Part 5 – Make a Hard Cover

Cut Two Boards With the Board Chopper

Please note you must have a H&S Induction to use the Board Chopper shown in this video

Multi Section Part 6 – Casing In


2. Multi-section Sewing РCoptic Style  (Chain stitch)

How To Sew a Multi Section Book “Coptic” style

This structure works well when you want to leave the spine exposed as the stitching is decorative. If you can sew neatly and with even tension you can leave the spine unglued – this makes a delicate binding style for light-weight books without hard covers. If you do want to add a hard cover it is best to attach them with the sewing – see Helen in the workshop for more info about this or have a look at the links below.

Please note there is no sound on this video so please use “CC” for caption instructions.

Who were the Copts?

There are many variations to this sewing structure. You may find some of these helpful:

Coptic Sewn Sketchbook with Board Attachment

coptic binding

3. Single Section or Pamphlet Stitch

How to sew a simple pamphlet or single section booklet

Remember to use “CC” for captions

4. Stab Sewing for Joining Single Sheets – its better than perfect!

Four short videos showing preparation, some simple patterns, making holes with the paper drill and sewing.

Please note there is no sound with these videos so please use “CC” for subtitled instructions.

Part 1 Preparation

Part 2 Using the Paper Drill

Part 3 Plain Sewing

Part 3a Sewing Japanese

5. Three Simple Cut and Fold Books

Sometimes called poster books, these simple structures all fold up from a single sheet of paper.

No glueing or sewing required.


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