The Book Arts Workshop is a valuable resource for students wishing to explore the form and content of the book. Students can learn traditional bookbinding methods and apply them to their contemporary practice. The workshop is well equipped with tools and materials and is open five days a week during term time.

Access to the workshop is by induction. Thereafter, students can use the workshop on a drop in basis – there is no need to book in advance except during busy periods when there may be a priority arrangement for certain year groups in order to meet project or assessment deadlines.

All students in Graphics, Illustration and Printmaking are offered inductions in their first year.

Any other students wishing to access the workshop to make books as part of their course work can apply to use the workshop using this form.

One thought on “Access

  1. Hi, I would like to do the induction for Book arts.
    I am currently on the MAFine arts part time course, first year. I will leave my details below.


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