Employers, Recruiters, Vice-Deputy Managing Graduate HR Coordinators – what *are* they on about?

Having trouble sorting your CTAs from your KPIs? Is a cold-caller asking if you know the difference between a problem-solver and a self-starter? Do job descriptions seem to be written in a language that you have to record and play backwards at half speed before it makes sense? Philosoraptor has had enough of this nonsense…

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Need to spruce up your LinkedIn profile? It’s Lucky 8 Top Tips Time…

As we’re sure you know *hard stare*..our 2019 LinkedIn Profile competition has just launched. See us on Facebook for more info on this. Seems like a good time to roll out some key advice on how to show yourself at your absolute LinkedIn best. Without further ado…   Students and recent graduates are currently LinkedIn’s…

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In an ideal world, how would you like to apply for jobs? Potentialpark want to hear your opinion.

Everyone loves a survey, am I right? Okay, maybe not but how about a survey that could potentially impact on the way you negotiate that other Most Favourite Pastime – applying for jobs? This is where the fine folks at Potentialpark come in… Hi! We know that searching for jobs may be easy,but finding the…

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What are THEY saying about YOU? Another round up of choice graduate labour market gossip

Here we are at the mid-point between two academic years and still the chattering classes chatter (classily? You decide)… Female graduates undervalue their worth as they enter the job market according to data from the LEO study (shared by the good folks at Ri5)…and the labour market seems more than happy to exploit this misapprehension….

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How to get a job in Marketing – according to two graduates who nailed the dreaded assessment centre. Guest post from Chris Taylor, twentysix

Our latest guest blog post comes from Chris Taylor at digital marketing agency, twentysix. In it we get the step-by-step lowdown on the interview and assessment centre process (which saw two UoB graduates get snapped up by retailer Victoria Plumb) from the successful applicants themselves. Over to Chris, Joe and Josh… How to get a…

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How to Perfect a Cover Letter for Accounting – guest blog from The Accountancy Partnership

Introducing our new BFFs, The Accountancy Partnership who have kindly stepped in to offer their advice and insight into Accountancy careers over a couple of guest blog posts. First up, Kara Copple offers advice on… How to Perfect a Cover Letter for Accounting Cover letters are no one’s favourite thing to write but they are…

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Specialist jobsites, assessment centres, EU mobility, jobseekers with disabilities – new links on the Careers website

Mid-July on campus – the crickets chirp, the tumbleweed blows through and we snooze in our rockers on the verandah, yes? Chance’d be a fine thing. The ‘busy’ never stops here – speaking of which, here’s a round-up of roughly 10 months’ weblink finds uploaded to the Careers site. You’re welcome… Advertising Campaign Jobs: Marketing,…

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Want to know what it’s like working for *enter company name*? Ask a graduate!

We all know what corporate recruitment literature looks like – a bunch of suits hold iPads and smile into the middle distance, spot the not-at-all-token minority group representative etc etc…There is an antidote to all this nonsense, and it’s such a blindingly good idea even the big firms are on board – talk to the…

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