Want to know what it’s like working for *enter company name*? Ask a graduate!

We all know what corporate recruitment literature looks like – a bunch of suits hold iPads and smile into the middle distance, spot the not-at-all-token minority group representative etc etc…There is an antidote to all this nonsense, and it’s such a blindingly good idea even the big firms are on board – talk to the people who really do the jobs. Who knew?!

the emporers new clothsFig.1: Some corporate warriors, yesterday.

A bunch of websites are currently making waves by taking the lid off the reality of being a graduate scheme trainee, giving you the low down on company culture, the recruitment and selection process for each employer and loads more. It’s not advertising fluff, but nor is it a load of disaffected trolls spitting poison. You’ll find balanced, honest content that tells you *gasp* useful, practical information. And here it is/they are/whatever…

GlassDoor – Company reviews and ratings, salary reports, interview questions and more – shared by employees themselves.

The Job Crowd – 100s of employers reviewed by employees, ranked for salary satisfaction, employee happiness, company culture, work/life balance, employee staying power and more.

Rate my Placement – Placement, internship and work experience reviews.

The Student Room – Profiles of UK employers and professional qualification providers

Target Jobs Inside Buzz – Recent graduate employees give their view on employer culture, training, salary and benefits, and their overall satisfaction.

Not bad eh? Hope you find this lot useful. Got any queries? Can’t find your dream company listed? Talk to us! Leave a comment, email careers@brighton.ac.uk or call us on 01273 642855. It’s what we’re here for.

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Paul Rothwell • 19/11/2015

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