Employers, Recruiters, Vice-Deputy Managing Graduate HR Coordinators – what *are* they on about?

Philosoraptor meme - there must be a better wayHaving trouble sorting your CTAs from your KPIs? Is a cold-caller asking if you know the difference between a problem-solver and a self-starter? Do job descriptions seem to be written in a language that you have to record and play backwards at half speed before it makes sense? Philosoraptor has had enough of this nonsense and so, we daresay, have you. Luckily Inspiring Interns have your back on this. Presenting…

The Jobseekers’ Dictionary – an A-Z of recruiter/HR-speak terminology to help you understand:

  1. What a job actually involves.
  2. What employers are asking for.
  3. What you’ve done that can meet their requirements.
  4. How to get the message across in a language that will make you sound like the real deal (because you are).

And all in a handy, easy-to-download pdf. Not bad, eh?

This doesn’t let your friendly neighbourhood Careers Service off the hook, of course. We’re ready and willing to help you decode job ads, job descriptions and person specs all day every day. Call us on 01273 642855, email careers@brighton.ac.uk or drop in to your campus office to see how we can help.

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Paul Rothwell • 05/03/2019

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