What are THEY saying about YOU? Another round up of choice graduate labour market gossip

Here we are at the mid-point between two academic years and still the chattering classes chatter (classily? You decide)…

Man listening to gossip

Female graduates undervalue their worth as they enter the job market according to data from the LEO study (shared by the good folks at Ri5)…and the labour market seems more than happy to exploit this misapprehension. Read more at http://bit.ly/2uAMZoj.

One in six drop out of graduate programmes within a year says a survey from AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters), either to make a complete career change, get better pay or better progression opportunities. On the other hand those that stay experience rapid pay and promotion progression. Get the low down from Ri5 at http://bit.ly/2uAYNHk.

Students should not have to worry about graduate employment while at university, outgoing head of UCAS says. Le sigh. Nothing like being demob happy to encourage you to bowl a curveball. We of course would not entirely agree with this (though in the words of the immortal Mandy Rice-Davies, ‘well he would, wouldn’t he?’)…’worry’, no but ‘give it some thought and take decisive action’? Well why not? Anyhoo, read more at http://bit.ly/2whvC8P.

Prospects Survey finds 1/3 students & grads want to work with SMEs… that’s ‘small and medium-sized enterprises’ to you. Where do your preferences lie? Corporate glass towers or a start up shoebox? Or just anywhere without a mission statement and compulsory employee of the month competitions? http://bit.ly/2tV758N

Plenty more where this came from, just keep your (disturbingly outsized) lug-holes pinned back…

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Paul Rothwell • 01/08/2017

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