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Emma Yeomans and Celine Le Rochais

Meet two of our new Senior Leader Apprentices

Two of our new Senior Leader apprentices explain why they chose this particular postgraduate apprenticeship and the direction they hope their career will take as a result.

Emma Yeomans, HR Operations Team Leader, Sussex Police

“My current role is HR Operations Team Leader, and the reason I’ve started this apprenticeship is because I am looking to get into a more senior level of management.

At the moment, I’m very much in control of day-to-day activities, but I want to step away from that and be more strategic. Long term, we’re going through a lot of change at work, so rather than look externally, I thought “I’m going to get a qualification under my belt” – and my employer, Sussex Police said their levy would pay for it. I instigated the conversation about undertaking this apprenticeship myself and was proactive about completing all the paperwork.

It will be good to network with different people and I’m looking forward to developing skills in different management areas.”

Celine Le Rochais, Clinical Director, Coastway Vets

“Previously I was a vet and was promoted to Clinical Director about 18 months ago. I’m aiming to reduce the clinical side of my job and move towards management and progress within our parent company, Vet Partners. This is why I decided to do this programme – Vet Partners encourage training opportunities, such as apprenticeships, and I was keen on doing it – so it was not a difficult conversation.

I’m not sure about specific goals yet, but in my head I would like to develop further. Vet Partners are all over the UK, and they are extending into France, Italy and Netherlands – so I’m hoping to maybe get more into the management aspect of things on the international side.

To be honest, I’m very glad to be back at University – I’m really happy and looking forward to coming to lectures again.”

The University of Brighton’s Senior Leader apprenticeship provides an opportunity for experienced professionals and those aspiring to senior management. Much of the content is based on the university’s well established MBA programme, and upon completion of the apprenticeship, learners may top up to a full MBA award by studying two additional modules (60 credits).

Get ahead with Senior Leader Apprenticeship – find out more:

(From left to right; Emma Yeomans, Celine Le Rochais)

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Alex Petrovic • 10/11/2021

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