Apprenticeships at Brighton

Meghann Creffield

University of Brighton graduate wins Apprenticeship award for innovation in patient care during a pandemic

Biomedical Science Degree Apprenticeship graduate, Meghann Creffield, won the award for Outstanding Contribution by an Apprentice to an Employer.

Photograph of Becky Chard

Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship

Becky was working away on placement as part of her apprenticeship with the University of Brighton when she was recalled to her main role at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She is now taking on extra responsibilities to support more senior healthcare colleagues, which include making phone calls and…

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Two healthcare employers giving an interview

Healthcare employers: How apprenticeships are great for staff

New apprenticeships are helping staff work towards qualifications while staying in work. If you are an employer in the healthcare sector there are lots of benefits to be had. Find out more about apprenticeships in Health and Social care.

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