Graduates 2021: Jiating Yang: MA Sequential Design/Illustration

I am always intrigued by the concepts of infinity and circulation. Planets move in orbits. Life goes around. Water vapours and drops. The tide comes back and forth. There are infinite possibilities with each small change.

Please tell us about your work and influences

My major project explores themes of reflection, unconsciousness, illusion and truth. I have created three kaleidoscopic installations in virtual augmented reality, offering an immersive experience which explores the boundary between reality and dreams. These mirrors with ever-changing colours are lenses to a subconscious world where we know things before we understand them.

During the making process, I tried to combine generative art with 3D and VR technique, which was completely a new challenging area for me. Finally, I made posters and tickets with my graphic design passion as a comfort, trying to have some real sense of finishing my project. It was a pity that there is not an actual exhibition because of COVID. I also film a piece using the ever-changing colours as the background. It’s about how the audience could immerse and sense themselves in my made-up world.


How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

Studying in such a seaside city is really an enjoyable experience. The smell of the sea, the touch of breeze and the sound of tide in summertime are the best feelings to feel alive. And that’s why I chose to film some scenes in my work by the seaside. I love Brighton so much because it embraces much diversity and inclusion. The whole city is vibrant and colourful, full of creativity and inspirations.

My course is research-based and a bit intense since I am a full-time student. It is quite difficult a year for all students but thankfully the covid didn’t destroy my passion on creating. My tutors are very knowledgeable educators and wonderful artists as well, who always offer helpful suggestions on our work. During the course, I have been given so much freedom and encouragement to dig out my thoughts. I could not make it on my own before because my thoughts used to be unclear and messy, and I have to organise and integrate. I have learned how to research as a necessary and theory basement of your work. I also self-learn and explore many new areas that intrigue me, and I am happy to experiment something new on my outcome which is unexpected and beyond my expectation.

Illustration could be anything! It’s just the way you make marks and express yourself. Do not limit yourself in certain ‘style’ or certain ‘media’. You have to go through much self-doubt before you can grow. But if you don’t feel comfortable or motivated, don’t push yourself too hard as well. Have some fun:)


How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study Sequential Design/Illustration?

I have always loved how a story or idea is visually narrated by sequences. Illustration is one of my favourite ways to express my inner world. The course is not about how fancy illustrations you can make but what ideas and in what suitable ways are you going to convey to your audience.


What are your plans after graduation?

When being asked this question, my answer is always ‘ Survive’. I want to have a paid job to support myself and being creative as well. Or ideally, I want to be a part of a design studio and work with interesting people. If anyone is interested at my work and would like to give this graduate a nudge, please feel free to contact me through email ( or Instagram @brainccoli.


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