Graduates 2021: Hannah Griffith: Textiles

This course has helped shape who I am as a creative and I have made life long friends and important contacts relative to my future career. 

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

My graduate collection ‘Kagebōshi’ (meaning silhouette) showcases a series of contemporary print designs ranging from paper collages, CAD design and screen prints. The imagery themselves are influenced by graphic design, shadow fragmentations of plants, scenery and colour from my travels to Japan last February. Additionally, I was fascinated by the Shoin style architecture and the use of both fluidity and structure within these buildings. Taking these different influences, I believe I have successfully transferred them through different media and processes, bringing together contrasting elements within the designs. Due to its timeless graphic design approach, it allows the possibility for these prints to not only be intended for fashion, but for wall art prints and various other interiors. I feel as if the possibilities are endless.

How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

Originally being from a small town in Kent, Brighton has really been like an open door of possibilities. I have met other passionate and talented creatives like myself on my course and throughout Uni. Brighton is such a warm and welcoming place and this includes the Uni itself, the course offers a unique opportunity to gain experience with a year in industry and useful business classes. I found this really beneficial for not only in my work but personal growth too. The projects leading up to the final year taught me different processes and staff are amazing and so helpful with any guidance on your work. This course has helped shape who I am as a creative and I have made life long friends and important contacts relative to my future career. 

How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study Textiles?

My passion for printed textiles started at my art foundation at UCA, Canterbury. This is where I had my first exposure to the print process and I fell in love from then on. I was eager to continue my development in print design, therefore Brighton seemed like the perfect choice. This was because the course not only lets you explore different textile specialisms, but sets you up for the industry with the placement year and business studies which gives you an advantage compared to other textile courses.

What are your plans after graduation?

The plan after graduating is to start my own business selling my own textile designs as I have learnt how to set up a small business due to the useful classes through this course. I would also like to try and freelance and broaden my industry experience by applying to a variety of different print placements. 

Instagram: _@hannah.griffithprint 


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