Graduates 2020: Aimee Clark: Graphic Design

My work is a very illustrative form of graphic design, I use my experience with illustration to help me coordinate my graphic communication process, whether it be a focus on branding, concept or visual identity.

I’m very much influenced by pop culture, contemporary design and queer history, as well as social issues like LGBTQ+ rights, mental health and intersectional feminism. I don’t like to restrict my practice to just being one thing, as I’ve found I enjoy so many mediums such as painting, typography, videography and animation.

For my Level 6 Independent Practice, I refined my ideas to focus on the Dangers that Womxn and Femmes Face Online, highlighting issues that people may only know very little about or may be completely unaware are happening. Especially given the global pandemic, we’re now more online than ever before and I wanted to explore that while womxn are still considered ‘second class citizens’ in the real world, they’re very much still facing similar problems in the digital world.


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

The sense of community that comes with being on an arts course is something I’ve never experienced before. It’s been amazing spending time with various creatives, having open-minded discussions and being able to take it all on board to further my own work and process. I’ve been able to really challenge myself, explore mediums I would never have thought to try pre-degree and expand my horizons on what graphic design really is. Plus, it always helps being near the sea and also a stone throw from London if a creative block sets in.


What are your plans after Graduation?

My initial plan prior to COVID-19 was to move in with family in London in order to expand my professional experience, be that through internships or other junior vacancies. However since the pandemic I’ve not only feel that plan has been put on pause, but I also feel I can really expand my independent process more. I’m currently applying for the new Graphic Design MA course which will be in it’s first year this year, so I’m quite excited to be staying in education and working with some of the same tutors as in my BA.

4. Filmed Submissions

As part of my Level 6 submissions, I filmed and edited a process video of my work, including some clips of my current setup/workspace. There’s more videos on my Vimeo profile, but I think this one really demonstrates the process of how I’ve had to adapt, improvise and create.

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