What is podcasting? Find out tonight

Join Lance Dann, course leader for Media Production and Dario Llinares course leader Digital Film among other noteworthy speakers for a discussion.

FOR YOUR EARS ONLY at the Lighthouse in Brighton, features a panel discussion as well as short presentations from industry professionals offering tips and insights into the art of successful podcasting.

Other  speakers include
Fiona Sturges – Podcast critic for The Financial Times and reviewer for The Guardian
Ella Gray Thomas – Producer of the podcast For Your Ears Only and Audiobook Manager for Zebralution
Melita Dennett- Experienced radio maker & podcaster currently making podcasts for the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
Todd Jordan- Podcaster & Senior Creative Consultant for digital marketing agency & consultancy Brilliant Noise.

The event also features a performance by sound artist Paul Nataraj.

Lance will also be launching his book, cowritten with Martin Spinelli: Podcasting: The audio Media revolution.

For more information

Find out more about Brighton Digital Festival 2019

BA(Hons) Media Production

BA(Hons) Digital Film

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