Graduates 2018: Marcel Jundi Sugai: Interior Architecture

This term, I worked on a project that was divided into two parts. The first explores ways of welcoming the older LGBTQ+ community into traditional housing by using symbolism and parallax.

It investigates ways in which symbols found throughout the urban fabric might allude to safety for a minority group. The second half investigates the intricate relation between social invisibility and isolation in the older LGBTQ+ community and retirement housing. It delves into relationships amongst people from different walks of life to create a community-driven habitat for three retirees and a public video logging start-up.

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I am influenced by sympathetic and socially sustainable design, but more importantly, I draw inspiration from stories of people I have met whilst volunteering for a LGBTQ+ hospice. I have come across narratives of people who advocated for equality through unaccepting times, but who have faded into the background in more accepting times. These encounters provoked me to reflect upon the place/space for queer history, art, culture and people in the mainstream day-to-day. Overall, I am interested in starting conversations about socio-cultural trends that may affect this specific demographic through spatial experimentation and intervention.

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What are you planning to do after graduating?

After graduating, I intend to get some work experience in traditional architecture, possibly in London. But the ultimate goal is to do a Masters, maybe in a couple of years. I would love to continue in academia and, one day, take what I have learnt in the UK back to Brazil to teach.

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