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Guernica Remakings exhibition at Grand Parade

Remakes of Picasso’s classic Guernica painting of the bombing of a Spanish town will be on display from 31 July to 23 August.

The exhibition marks the 80th anniversary of the bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica and the anniversary of Picasso’s anti-fascist painting, created in protest against the attack.

It will include Vasco Gargalo’s ‘Aleppo Guernica’ which includes the faces of Russian president Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to highlight those accused of involvement in the atrocities of the Syrian conflict. It will also show displays relating to the South African Guernica by the Keiskamma Art Project which records suffering experienced by the country’s poorest region affected by HIV/AIDS.

The exhibition is the result of research by Dr Nicola Ashmore, whose work highlights the ways Picasso’s mural have been re-made across the globe for political protests that resonate with the original intention of the work – “to push back at those in power who choose to act to the detriment of civilians”.

Dr Ashmore said: “This work is particularly poignant in a period when the UK is withdrawing from Europe, in part, motivated it seems by fear around the freedom of movement of ‘others’; Guernica’s humanitarian message becomes relevant once again calling for solidarity and compassion transcending borders.

“Visitors to the exhibition will also see a textile protest banner made in Brighton and in India through a series of public sewings, contributing to a collective statement against aerial attacks on civilian populations.”

When 31 July – 23 August 2017

Where University of Brighton gallery, Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 0JY.

Read Jonathan Jones’ Guardian article about this work.

Read Dr Ashmore’s article Syria Reflections of Guernica.

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