Staffing updates

In the last two months we welcomed Katie Batchelor and Ciara McDermott to our team of programme administrators and both are off to a flying start!  It’s good news for everyone to have a fully staffed School Office again.   We are entering a very busy recruitment phase and have recently held interviews for new Criminology, Psychology and Social Work staff.  In the coming weeks we will also advertise for new Psychotherapy colleagues, a Research Fellow tied to Aidan’s AHRC project, maternity cover for Laura Banks’ role on Julia Stroud’s NIHR grant and a few other bits and pieces of cover as well.   

You will all be aware that we will be saying goodbye to two highly valued friends and colleagues over the summer – Michael Cahill and Jayne Raisborough.  Celebrations of their achievements during their time with the School are planned (30th June at midday for Michael and 15th July from 3pm for Jayne). 

Finally, we extend congratulations to Dr Geoff Davies who recently passed his PhD viva.  A significant achievement and a happy note to end on.

Professor Kate Bullen

Professor of Psychology and Head of The School of Applied Social Science

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