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Graduates 2024: Holly Owen: History of Art and Design

“Eliza is probably the best tutor I’ve had in my entire education experience… She has always supported me and listened to me and most importantly she always had faith in me which really means a lot.”

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

“My work is surrounding the concepts of Utopianism and Urban Planning which funny enough is probably the furthest thing from art history I could do under my degree title hahah! I am absolutely fascinated with the ideas of utopianism even within artworks and literature but I found it most interesting when I learned that there were people/ architects out there who tried to turn utopian ideas into realities simply through built environment. I absolutely love architecture especially ‘ugly’ modernist architecture so¬† being able to pursue this even under art history was amazing. I had written previous essays on the topic which led up to the cultivation of my dis and really helped my prepare for it.”

What made you choose your course?

“I chose my course at Brighton mainly because of the city and the fact that I could live both a relaxed day life but also be able to enjoy nights out, my course in particular I was inspired to do by my mum who works in an auction house (Claydon Auctioneers) and I had both worked and done work experience there which opened me up to the art history world and a fascination of old things. So I really have my mum to thank for my BA.”

Can you tell us about any staff who particularly inspired you?

“I think that every tutor I’ve had have been so supportive and really welcoming there wasn’t one day I didn’t feel listened to or welcomed by the staff. But I really have to name Eliza as probably the best tutor/ supervisors I’ve had in my entire education experience from primary up until now. She has always supported me and listened to me and most importantly she always had faith in me which really means a lot especially when you feel lost within all the work you have to do she really has been an inspiration! I really saw my grades improve because she gave me the confidence in my work.”

Did you do a placement?

“I did a placement at Screen Archives South East through the uni and in a module which really helped me within my studies and inspired the content of some of my projects. All of this was supported and provided by the course/ module leaders.”

What does Brighton mean to you now?

“I love Brighton… I am going to be here for another year at least I plan on probably taking a year out for myself and just working a small job and volunteering, as I think I need a break as I went straight from a levels to uni. Maybe go into further education the year after but I am not set on this.”

Finally if you could give your 17 year old self any advice about going to university what would it be?

“I would tell 17 year old me that when you go to uni you will see your true academic abilities.”

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