Trekstock Charity Project

Trekstock is a UK youth cancer charity that exisits to provide support with young adults in their 20s and 30s living with the affects of cancer. We were given a project to come up with an exciting new concept for a UK wide fundraising idea.We were commissioned by the Trekstock charity to come up with a 360 fundraising strategy for both offline/online during the month of June 2018. We had a budget of £10,000 to create the assets needed to get this underway and to promote to the public.

I have developed a concept for NikeiD to collaborate with Trekstock by giving the public the chance to design their own Nike sport garments, using the Trekstock colour palette. With enough advertisement and exposure, the colours will be recognised and help raise awareness to the cause. For every item that is designed through using Trekstock colours 8% of the profit will go to the charity.

I have created an exclusive event to launch the collaboration and promote the charity. The event will take place in a rooftop garden in a venue called ‘The Bethnal Garden’ in central London. I thought it was a great location because it is accessible and as London is such a busy place, it will hopefully attract more people. I have created an eye catching poster to advertise the event with all the information including the location, time and key events that will take place at the launch.

I have also created tickets and a social media page to ensure the event is publicised.

The lauch will be held on the 7th of July, a day event filled with activities for the guests to get involved in. The main idea for the event is to display the possible outcomes that you can create using the NikeID/Trekstock collaboration, gathering people to model the designs that are possible and raising awareness to the cause, along with a DJ who will bring a suitable atmosphere throughout the day. Trekstock are lucky to have such a good panel of ambassadors and patrons including the talented Joe Wicks known for his fitness DVD’s and ‘15 to get lean’ programme who will be directing a live fitness class at the event for the guest to participate in, helping to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. Trekstock are also fortunate to have the wonderful Ella Woodward, more commonly known as Deliciously Ella who will be providing the food at the event along with a live cooking class to promote wellbeing and inspire people to eat healthy.

Overall the event will certify that the charity becomes highly recognised and promotes the new collaboration with NikeiD, raising awareness to the cause and getting the Trekstock colours acknowledged for its purpose. We aim to attract around 300 guests to the event at the rate of £10 a ticket in hopes of raising £3000.