How Recommendation Systems are Redefining Online Shopping – okow10’s blog

With the increasing of competition within e-commerce has loaded to one big problem for consumer which is choice overload. Have you ever had so many products to choices from but you don’t know which one to choose, therefore, you end up not making a decision or choice? Well, that is choice overload!!!

In Schwartz (2004) famous book “Nudge” he said “consumers have always had choices, but today options have exploded beyond all reason”. Many researches into e-commerce have proved that choice overload is paralysis issue that is pushing people away from online shopping to the high street, where choice overload is less. The last thing e-marketer would want is a consumer visiting their website and not making a purchase due to choice load. This brings me to the question what are e-marketers doing to the cure this choice paralysis that we consumers are facing online?

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