Identifying Legacies

Identifying legacies was a strande developed in the ‘Starting from Values’ project. It was one of seven recently funded in a call for developing different ways of investigating the legacy of Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Connected Communities projects.

The project has led to new ways of defining ‘legacy’, lending legitimacy and authority to previously unheard or less ‘tangible’ legacies of Connected Communities projects, and contributes to wider questions on shared values, authority and legacies in collaborative research projects.

Why starting from values?

The question of legacy is closely connected to the values of different stakeholders, yet these values are rarely discussed openly, and many are not considered measurable in tangible ways. As a result, traditional evaluations tend to reflect the values of donors or governments, and what can be easily measured, rather than considering what project partners may be striving to achieve.

Project partners include community and academic investigators with experience or an interest in values dimensions of collaborative research projects, a desire to understand and capture related legacies, and expertise in the areas of values-based indicator development, authority research and the role of arts-based methods in understanding different ‘ways of knowing’.

Evaluating Intangible Legacies

The short video below introduces the ‘Starting from Values’ project that was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to investigate the legacies of community-engaged research.













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