We believe that the way in which we see, understand and value ourselves and the world around us is essential to creating a sustainable, just and responsible society. This space has been created in order to understand and share what we value

WeValue is an approach to eliciting and clarifying group values.

Its unique approach is to define values through ‘values-based indicators’, that can later become measurable. The approach is usually delivered through workshops by certified facilitators.

WeValue was first developed from the ESDinds Project, an international research project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. It has since continued to be developed through ongoing funded research and partnership work.

WeValue-Guanajuato_case-study-thumb WeValue-Echeri_case-study-thumb WeValue-PeoplesTheatre_case-study-thumb

There are several key elements in the approach, and these will be emphasised differently depending on the purpose for using it as well as the nature of the group or organisation, for example:

  • Identifying legacies, to have new measures of success and a longer-term ‘impact’ (for organisations, projects or partnerships).









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