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University of Brighton signs pledge for Agent Quality Framework

We are pleased to announce that the University of Brighton has recently signed the pledge for the Agent Quality Framework, showcasing our commitment to excellence in international student recruitment.  

This framework aims to ensure higher standards and quality assurance in our partnerships with international agents. 

The UK Agent Quality Framework Universities’ Pledge is a combined initiative from the British Universities’ International Liaison Association (BUILA), Universities UK International (UUKi), UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) and the British Council. 

As a key aspect of our recruitment strategy, international agents play a crucial role in connecting the University of Brighton with prospective students from around the world.  

Through their expertise and local knowledge, international agents are able to effectively promote our programmes and support students in navigating the application process. This leads to increased enrolment and a diverse international student community on campus. 

International agents tend to sit within their country or region, which make them a popular choice with students as they have a deeper knowledge of the regional context, are able to meet face-to-face to discuss in their own language, and provide comfort around any worries. As we know, this is a large commitment and can be a confusing time for a student choosing their study destination. 

By signing the pledge for the Agent Quality Framework, the University of Brighton is setting a foundation for long-term partnerships with reputable international agents.  

These collaborations will not only enhance our recruitment efforts but also contribute to the overall diversity and inclusivity of our university community.  

With the support of international agents, we are well-positioned to further strengthen our global presence and continue to attract top talent from across the globe, ultimately shaping a more connected and vibrant future for the University of Brighton. 

Global Operations Officer, Charlie Morgan, said: “The future of international student recruitment relies on the invaluable in-country and in-person advice that our students receive from our partnered international agents.” 

“My role and that of the International Team over the course of the next few months will be to honour this pledge; to reflect on current operations and to work through clear objectives to ensure that the University of Brighton improves our relationship by providing better support to our key stakeholders while at the same time implementing robust due diligence for us as an organisation.” 

Head of Internationalisation, Brían Mcnamara, added: “This is a real opportunity to raise the university’s profile, to enhance our reputation and ultimately become the preferred UK university for reputable international agents.” 

Clare Cornwell • May 8, 2024

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