Who are the Domestic Academics? 

For the purposes of this project, Domestic Academics are defined as:

Women, or those who identify as women, who have caring responsibilities for one or more members of their household, these being people who are unable to meet all of  their own caring needs because they are a minor/elderly/physically or mentally impaired.

Women, or those who identify as women, who are employed in an academic position (e.g. Lecturer, Reader) by a UK-based Higher Education Institution with research activities as part of your contract OR a current PhD student.

The final quilt includes twenty-three panels and stories: Twenty-two mothers, including one ‘sandwich’ carer of children and parents, plus one carer of her own elderly mother. Our children’s ages ranged from new-born to 19+.

Due to the nature of the funding recieved, this project is UK based. The background of those who responded to the call has led to a focus on CIS gender women in heterosexual relationships.