November 2021: Exhibition of physical quilt at University of Brighton, Grand Parade site



October 2021: Research Presentation at Gender, Activism, and Political Theory in Covid Times online conference, Queens University, Belfast.


September 2021: Research Presentation at Feminisms in Covid and Beyond online conference at Durham University


September 2021: Online quilt goes live!


August 2021: Panel deadline. Exciting packages arrive daily at the house of Principal Investigator Vanessa Marr. So many beautiful outcomes!


July 2021: Final online workshop.


June 2021: First online workshops held online, completing a variety of word and drawing prompts whilst sharing experiences.


May 2021: Participants selected. Packs sent out to participants, complete with calico square, sketchbook, fabric, card and trimmings to inspire the participant’s outcomes.



April 2021: Blog live and call for participants shared.

March 2021: Funding awarded.