shop front painted grey

some changes

finally we painted the front

After twenty three shows, we break into the sleek gray look and enter a new phase…….


shop front painted grey
Sweetshop gets a lick of paint, thanks Darren!


At the same time we have some bad news about University of Brighton who announced the intended redundancy of 110 academics and all of us in Fine Art and in Humanities are under fire for university savings.

Wanting to shout about this but not knowing quite how or what to say I happened to meet Luśka Mengam @luska.illustration a budding sign writer. We quickly understood each other and began tossing back and forth words and fonts. So this is what happened – after quite a bit of deliberation. We’ve jumped back to 1970 when the new building on Grand Parade was just finished and the art school merged with the technical institute and became Brighton Poly. More on this in the next post.

    sign painter Luśka Mengham working on the Sweetshop sign


sign above shop says Brighton Polytechnic

One thought on “some changes

  1. Thank you for the update, Naomi. The new front is very smart: I much like the three-tone grey (or two-tone grey plus white), both interesting and calming.
    Your new name has made me look up some history. I’ve learnt that you’re referring to the former name of the university, and also what a strong artistic history the Polytechnic had, merging with Brighton School of Art (founded 1858) in 1976. (I’m not sure what the 1970 reference is though; I’ll wait for the next post for that.)

    But what depressing news. Reading between the lines I gather you’re not yourself one of the 110 made redundant, but it must be enormously
    demoralising for those who are retained as well. My sympathy. What dire times we live in.

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