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Free webinar from beepurple: Marketing tactics for freelancing or setting up your own business

No research, no marketing, no sales with marketing expert Simon Batchelar: Get your marketing working using empathy, authority and story to build your customer base

Join beepurple and Simon on Wednesday for this practical workshop which will fire you up with great ideas and serve up practical ways to kickstart your marketing.

Wednesday 17 November, from 5.30–7.30pm

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Simon Batchelar

Having recently launched their own new business, marketing expert Simon Batchelar (@pallantdigital) is perfectly placed to remind you of the importance of researching your market and your customer, working out how to reach them and coming up with a cost-effective action plan. Sales and work will not magically flow towards you without it! They have run their own marketing agency for over 18 years and have transformed the marketing of over 400 small businesses. This is not to be missed!

Simon will help you visualise, identify and target your customer in a practical way and build an audience of people who like what you do and want to know more. They will share their considerable experience in coaching and advising startups and freelancers to build their businesses using cost-effective, empathy led marketing.

Above all, Simon emphasises the following three tips:

Be authentic – Be yourself and put yourself out there (people will be nice)

Focus on your goal, not vanity metrics – use a marketing funnel to nurture and convert more of your ideal customers

Don’t sell, show up and add value – no one likes a pushy salesperson especially on social, so don’t try and sell just add value.

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Glen Marsh • 15 November 2021

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