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Commuting to university: 3 tips for students

I commute to university and I’d like share my advice for students thinking about doing it. I’m Angelica and I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing BA. Here are my tips on how to save time and money, so that commuting to university works for you.

Top 3 tips for commuting to university

  • Buy your travel tickets strategically
  • Make good use of your time
  • Make the commute exciting

1. Buy your travel tickets strategically

Budgeting is extremely important when at uni, and travel costs can rack up pretty quickly. For example, if I’m travelling by bus, and I have a lecture on Monday at 12:00pm, and a seminar on Tuesday at 9:00am, I know I can purchase a 24 hour bus ticket that will cover my travel for both days, making it cheaper than purchasing multiple tickets.  

Handful of train tickets bought for student commute

I’m also lucky enough to often get lifts from my parents, making travelling quicker, more enjoyable and cheaper! 

2. Make good use of the time

Travelling from my house to the Falmer campus by bus takes about an hour and a half each way – and that’s a lot of time I’m wasting, especially in peak exam season!  

So, I make sure I use the time productively, perhaps writing important notes from a recent lecture/seminar on my phone, reading various things to do with my course, or planning my week to ensure I meet deadlines.  

All of these are important things that take up time anyway, so I might as well do them whilst sitting on my bum for 90 minutes!  

Student schedule with commute

3. Make the commute to uni exciting

Commuting multiple times a week can get boring and tedious, so I find it more exciting if I get creative. If I’m not studying, I’ve been known to write poems or get inspiration for short stories whilst people-watching on the bus. Or, I’ll create a little game, such as, can I spot 10 people running, or 20 people wearing hats from the bus window? 

I also save my favourite podcasts for my bus journeys, or regularly download new music to listen to. Or, if it’s a nice day, I have the choice of walking half way, which changes up my route and makes the whole travelling thing more enjoyable.  

Headphones for music tips when commuting

So, changing up modes of transport and listening materials, making up games, or being generally nosey will while away the hours in no time! 

Why commuting to university is a good idea and the right choice for me

At age 18, I felt I definitely wasn’t ready to go to university, let alone leave home! I was so set on not going, as I thought you had to move away and live in halls, which was definitely not for me.  

And then, someone told me I could continue living at home and commute to university. This changed everything!  So I chose The University of Brighton and decided to study English Literature and Creative Writing whilst living at home, and I’m so pleased with my decisions. I get to see my family every day and live in a city I’ve loved for many years. I wouldn’t have it any other way!  

Word from the uni…

Take a look at more tips about commuting to university and the range of travel discounts for Brighton students to help you save money on your commute.

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Angelica Blake-Lawson • 29th September 2022

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