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University Clearing options – Clearing gave me choices

I didn’t want to go to the universities that offered me a place as I wasn’t sure about the courses, and they were both very far away from home… 

What options do you have in Clearing?

I found that Clearing gave me more options and made me realise that I didn’t want to choose between English and history and maybe I didn’t have to. I had been stuck between English and history so finding History, Literature and Culture felt like a perfect solution.

Also, the part of my degree that covers culture has allowed me to use my philosophy A-level and learn more about other humanities specialisms.  I read about the course on the university website and looked at what modules I would be able to do – ultimately, this is what made me apply to this course. 

University Clearing options: Is it all about the grades?

When I called Brighton I was very worried that I didn’t have high enough grades. I spoke to a nice woman who made me feel a lot calmer about it all. She said that there was space in the course. I turned to my mum and said they had space, she asked me if I wanted to go for it, I said yes and got in.

I went from not knowing what I was going to do, to having not only a plan but having a plan that I was excited about! 

“I wish that I had known not to be nervous about calling, the people on the Clearing line don’t mind how you sound – they are there to help you!”

If you have your grades at hand, have researched the courses you want to do and read the course web pages, just go for it! 

Take the opportunity!

I would recommend students go through Clearing as it gives you more options, it can help if you didn’t get the grades you wanted. In the end you have to take a chance on whichever uni you choose, because until you go there and do your degree you won’t know if you like it.

I took a chance on Brighton and while it has sometimes been difficult (mostly because of the pandemic.) it was here that I found a tutor who recognised what I didn’t even know I was good at and thanks to them I now know what I want to do with my life.  

Note: There are sometimes university Clearing options for courses other than the first one you thought about. On the university site you might see pop-ups that highlight other related courses, too. There’s also Questions about Clearing answered in an FAQ and lots of videos on the YouTube Channel.

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Isabella Tranter-Richards • 29th July 2021

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