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Earning money over the last year

The pandemic has left many students wondering about financial income, specifically due to many places having to furlough workers to help prevent the spread of the virus. However, there are opportunities available specifically at Brighton University to help with earning money whilst studying remotely.

Before the pandemic I was able to attend my part time job as a housekeeper. My part-time job was only on the weekends where I worked 8hours Saturday and Sunday. My job was really beneficial as it allowed me to do my university work on the weekdays, so that I could get everything done for the next week. When my place of work had to shut due to the pandemic, I was furloughed and still earned 80% of my wage.

My second flexible job role was working as a student ambassador, which is a really fun and helpful job. Because of the lockdowns most student ambassador work moved to online events, such as using the unibuddy platform to speak to students about university, or taking part in virtual UCAS fairs to help anyone who wanted to know anything about Brighton university. The online student ambassador work I have enjoyed because it enabled me to help other new students with enquiries, as well as developing my team work skills.

I am also part of the Campus Champions, who are responsible for advising students returning back to campus about the social distancing measures in place, ensuring a face covering is worn (except for those who are exempt), ensuring people don’t travel in large groups, advising people to get a covid test to ensure everyone is as safe as possible, whilst at university. This position is a paid one and provides Campus Champions with several shifts and locations (E.g. Moulsecoomb, Falmer campus) with shifts being three and a half hours, running in the morning or afternoon.

Overall, there have been opportunities where I could earn money whilst at university, and I am very thankful to have several positions which help with income. Some key tips for money management whilst studying at university is:

1 : Save where you can, as you never know when you might need some money

2: Have a budget eg. for food shopping, clothing, university books, stationary, bills

3:Don’t impulse buy, only get things you really need

4: If you have to travel to work (eg. part-time job) purchase the student tickets for buses or train fare as they are slightly cheaper than the adult prices

5:Alternative transport, so if you live locally to the university, you could walk or cycle to university if you have to attend it in person

Some websites you could visit which discuss the topics of student finance during lockdown include:

GOV.UK website: Student finance through the pandemic, Guidance for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UKCISA: Coronavirus infor for international students

University of Brighton: Budgeting for student life, Finances

There are more tips on the university website about earning money at university including links to employability and career services.

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Victoria Jarvis • 22nd March 2021

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