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Studying in my hometown

There are several reasons why living at home whilst studying at university is a good thing. I have composed a small list of reasons why living in your hometown can be beneficial.

Saving money

It goes without saying that if you have the opportunity to live at home, you will be able to save money. Some individuals like the idea of living away from home in halls of residence or being in a student house. I have experienced living in halls for a few weeks when I attended the Brighton University Summer School and personally didn’t like it. Moreover, as I don’t live that far away from Brighton University, I decided to choose to remain at home because it made sense financially.

Also, staying local you know all the best places to shop, eat and socialise which can help you save money.


As I don’t live too far away from University I have several options for transport including, walking, cycling or using the bus.

Within Brighton there are many buses which travel directly to the university campuses, which arrive regularly. The Brighton and Hove bus app is a good way to check the times of the buses, as well as purchase tickets to use on them. Key cards are especially useful to buy on your phone or as a contactless card which you scan before getting on the bus. It is also essential to wear a face mask when commuting on public transport to help keep people safe.

From my experience, I personally use a city saver which allows me to get on any buses traveling around Brighton and Hove as many times as I need too. As I am a student I was also able to get tickets at a lower price compared to adult prices.


Living at home means that I am not too far away from university, the city centre as well as the sea. As much as I enjoy going uptown to socialise and shop, it is nice to have some time away from the busy streets, in a nice area which has a lot of greenery around. Therefore when deciding to live at home or living away from home the distance you will have to travel each day should be considered.

Afraid of missing out on opportunities

Moreover, by living at home I don’t feel like I have missed out on anything, as I still have been able to go out socialising, attend parties and make the most of university life. Although this has been more restricted due to lockdown regulations. However, you are included in university life as little or as much as you want, regardless of where you are living.

The most important thing to remember

Going to university is a new step towards your future, choose to do what you believe is best for yourself, whether that be staying at home to study or living away from home. Ensure that you find out as much information, as possible about the course you wish to study, student accommodation, finance and location when making your decisions.

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Victoria Jarvis • 14th September 2020

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