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Studying in my hometown

Why I choose to stay in Eastbourne to study a foundation degree and a bachelor’s degree is a question asked by many, including myself. Now, looking back three years later, staying in Eastbourne was the best decision I made.

After finishing the first year of my BTEC (level 3) Diploma in Sport at the East Sussex College, I was given the opportunity by the University of Brighton to skip my final year of a BTEC Diploma and to carry on my studies at degree level. I graduated two years later with a Sports Coaching and Development foundation degree, and I chose to stay on at the University of Brighton to complete my bachelor’s degree – Sport and Exercise Science BSc.

Choosing to stay in Eastbourne saved me both money and time. The convenience of being a 10-minute drive from the university campus was the best part though. Staying home allowed me to focus on my studies without having to worry about accommodation and paying rent, ultimately giving myself the freedom and flexibility I needed to achieve my year-long goal of an upper first class (86%) in my second year so far.

There has always been a popular mindset that moving away from home to study and live is necessary to grow your independence and freedom away from the family home. However, living that stereotypical student lifestyle of partying, living with housemates and trying to complete a degree did not appeal to me. I wanted to save money to travel and by fully committing myself to a degree that would set my career in motion.

That is not to say living away from home is not the best way of independent growth. Still, for me, over the past three years, using the long summer breaks to travel around Spain and to learn a second language was my way of growing my independence, while having my own freedom using the money I had saved from living at home.

All in all, I will be staying in Eastbourne for my master’s degree and potentially a PhD in the future.

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Jay Suter • 5th September 2020

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