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Changing course and university – how I did it

When I was in sixth form, I was overwhelmed with information on choosing the right course and pathway for me. After weekly sessions on personal statement writing and multiple trips to UCAS exhibitions, I thought to myself – ‘I’ll just do what I’m good at’ that way, you can’t go wrong, right? So, for me, I was good at art. I enjoyed art textiles classes, liked my teachers and got good grades. So, before I knew it, I was off to a top London university, to study Fashion Design.  

However, months into the course, I started to feel the strain of the work-load, the pressure from my lecturers and also the tiredness from the daily commute. I’m originally from Surrey, so the University I chose wasn’t far enough for me to be considered for on-campus accommodation. A lot of my friends commute to university and are happy to, however, I felt like I was missing out on the social aspect and wasn’t getting the full ‘university experience’ I wanted.  

I came to realise, if I was fully enjoying my course, then perhaps the commute wouldn’t feel so bad. I started to feel less like myself and the assignments started to feel like a chore. However, I stuck it out for the duration and completed my first year. I decided then, it would be best for me to choose something else I enjoy doing and somewhere else I enjoy being. Brighton was a city that I spent a lot of time in with my friends and somewhere I felt at home. I had previous experience of helping organise events through summer jobs and discovered I had a real art for it. I realised I could still use my ‘arty’ skills and put it into a different degree, so opted for Event Management. The overall transition went smoothly and you’d be surprised how many other students I’ve met, who have also decided to change their course or university.  

So I’d say, do what’s best for you. Do what makes you happy. If you decide the course isn’t for you, then don’t be afraid to make a change – it happens more often than you think. Sure it’s a ‘once in a lifetime experience’, so better to be doing what you enjoy, right? 

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Elizabeth Taylor • 23rd August 2020

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