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Saving money!

One very important thing we all struggle with is saving money and at university this becomes even more important. Even a fiver can make all the difference! My best tip to save money is cutting back on your electrics, water and gas to save on bills. Not only does this save you money but of course it saves the environment too! Here are a few ways on how to cut back on those bills:

1) Have shorter showers.

2) Wash your clothes for less time or put them on an eco wash.

3) Use a washing up bowl when washing your dishes so you’re not constantly running water.

4) Always turn your lights and plug sockets off when they’re not in use.

5) Don’t charge laptops, phones etc for longer than need be.

6) Use blankets and layer up instead of turning on your heating.

7) If the heating is absolutely necessary, use a timer so it is only on for a few hours a day when you need it most.

Further ways to save money:

1) Eat in! Cook a nice home made meal. Batch cooking means you save money and only have to cook a few times a week!

2) Share transport. If you need to get an uber or taxi somewhere then go with someone and split the cost.

3) Use a 24hr student bus ticket. With Brighton and Hove buses you can get a student bus ticket deal that lasts 24 hours for £3.60. You can use it as many times as you want within the 24hours and it saves a lot of money considering a single bus ticket is £2.20!

4) Walk or cycle instead of public transport.

5) UNiDAYS and student beans. UNiDAYS and student beans are both websites you can sign up to with your student email address and get tons of discounts on electronics, food, clothes and more!

I hope these few tips and tricks have helped you save money this Christmas! Good luck😊


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Budgetingmoney saving tips

Lucy Tully • 16th December 2019

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