Prospective Student Ambassadors

Do you want to work for us on an ongoing basis? 

You may be interested in the Student Recruitment & Outreach (SRO) Student Ambassador role…. 

What does this role entail? 
SRO Student Ambassadors are recruited to support our recruitment and outreach work – including, for example, open days, marketing/website content, and work with local schools and colleges. This is ‘casual’ work, where you apply for the shifts that interest you and fit around your other commitments – it is a great way to top up your income by a few hours each month and develop your employability skills and CV. For some more information about the types of activities our Student Ambassadors are involved in, please click here.

What are we looking for?
The number and subject areas of students we recruit for varies each year, depending where we have vacancies from previous student ambassadors moving on or graduating. We look to recruit students with great communication and teamwork skills and an understanding of the university applications process, who can work with lots of different people of all ages (including young people from local schools and colleges). We also welcome students who are great at content creation, like social media, videos or blogs.

How much work will you expect me to do? 
A very wide variety of work is available and you apply for the shifts that fit your timetable; while we expect you to engage with us and take part in at least something each term, there is not a large commitment and the role fits in with the heaviest of course loads – and we are happy to work around placements etc as long as you keep us informed. 

I really need a regular part time job – is this for me? 
It’s important to note that we do not offer a set number of hours each week – earning is of course an important part of the job, but not the only reason you should do it! This role is for you if you want to get involved in your university community, top up your income in a completely flexible way, and develop loads of new skills that will support your career after university.

Sounds great – how do I apply? 
We usually recruit once a year in the October, but sometimes hold another round around February-March.

If you are interested please submit your details on the form to be notified by email next time we are accepting applications in your subject area: Click here to submit your details on our form(you need to be logged in with your University Microsoft 365 account to access this).

If you have any questions then please email

Thank you for your interest! We will let you know when we are next taking applications. 

This is just one of several potential ways to work for the University – you may also like to look at this page which details ad-hoc work available with our team, supporting open days and other large-scale events. Other teams around the university may also employ students – you could also look at the advice on the Careers team pages, ask in your school office, or the Students Union.