Prospective Student (Open Days) Helpers

Are you interested in supporting our large scale events, such as open days and applicant days, on a one-off basis?

You may be interested in working as a Student Helper…

Group of students at registration point at open day
What’s involved?
We hold a list of students who would be interested in working at these events as Student Helpers, on an ad-hoc (one-off) basis. This is different from being a SRO Student Ambassador as it is for one-off events rather than an ongoing casual job. At an open day the roles vary, but to give you an idea might involve helping set up, welcome visitors, give tours and pack up at the end.

Helpers are paid at least £9 per hour and will be given training/briefing (if needed) prior to each event.  The training relates specifically to the event you are working at, and you would be expected to attend this every time you work (if asked).

A student helping speaking to a guest at Falmer open day

What’s expected of me?
Most importantly, you need to be outgoing, friendly and proactive, and give a good impression of the university to all visitors! You also need to be reliable and punctual, commit to any shifts offered to you, and complete your role to the best of your ability, following directions from staff.

How much work will I get?
It’s important that you understand that you are just signing up to receive information about ad-hoc shifts with our team, if and when they are available. This is not an ongoing Student Ambassador role – if you want to find out more about working as a Student Ambassador for our team, have a look at the other pages on this site. However, do also complete the form below!

Sounds good – how do I sign up?
If you’re interested, please complete the form below to add your details to our mailing list, so we can email you work opportunities in future. When we are looking for help, we will email out the details. This tends to happen in the run up to open days and Clearing (which takes place in August). Following this if we are able to give you a shift, we will confirm this by email. Please note we usually get a very large number of students interested in working as helpers so are not able to offer everyone work.

Please note – this is just one of several potential ways to work for the University – you may also like to look at this page which has details of the role of SRO Student Ambassador, a more on-going role with a competitive application/interview process. Other teams around the university may also employ students (we are not the only team working with Student Ambassadors) – you could also look at the advice on the Careers team pages, ask in your school office, or the Students Union.

Open Day Helpers

About you

Please double check this is correct before submitting as otherwise you will not get our emails! Generally these are in the format or and end NOT .
Optional - may be useful if we need to contact you at short notice, however please note we use your university email account for most communication.
Ideally your mobile - in case we need to contact you at short notice.
If you are happy to, please tell us if you have any specific access needs. This information is confidential and will only be seen by the open days team. We will use this information to ensure that you have equal opportunity to work at the open days and are assigned suitable roles, as far as is practical.

Your course

e.g. Film and Screen Studies, Photography, Civil Engineering.

Accommodation Tours - Additional information

Please complete this section to indicate if you would be willing to give tours of accomodation, if selected to work at the campus you live at.
Please note that we do not run tours of private accommodation or private halls of residence.

Campus Tours - Additional information

Please complete this section to indicate if you would be willing to give tours of campus.


In order to work for us, you need to have certain documentation. We need to see original identification which proves you are eligible to work in the UK, and we need your National Insurance number to pay you.
Do you have a National Insurance number? *
Please double check this, as it's important it's correct.
I understand that I cannot work until I have a NI number, and need to apply for this then contact with the number, before I will be offered shifts. *
See for more information.
Do you have one of the following to prove you are allowed to work in the UK? a) current passport, b) EU residence permit, or c) a UK birth certificate AND letter from government about your national insurance? *
We have to see the original documents - not photocopies or scans. You will be asked to present this before you work. When you are completing this form, if you don't have these documents, please apply for them now (or if they're at home, get them sent to you).
I understand that I cannot work unless I have one of the original documents mentioned above, with me at university, and will be asked to present it (at least) the first time I work in each academic year. *
This applies even if you have previously shown us your ID. If you don't have it with you in Brighton/Eastbourne, please obtain it now, so that you're able to work when we invite you!
If you have already worked for the University and have a payroll number, please provide it here. Do not guess if you don't know it! Please note that you may still need to show identification before you work.
Have you checked your uni email address is correct? *
If your email is incorrect we won't be able to contact you. Please DOUBLE CHECK it is correct - it is NOT your wifi login and in almost all cases ends not About 10% of students completing this form get their email address wrong!
Please comment here if there's anything else you need to tell us!

Please check all your details are correct before you press submit.

By completing this form you are giving permission for us to contact you about ad-hoc work available with the Student Recruitment and Outreach team at the University. We will store these details and contact you when we have suitable shifts available at our undergraduate open days or other events that you may be interested in applying to work at, such as call centres during Clearing. Dates of upcoming open days are available at Please note that completing this form does not guarantee you will be offered shifts. Your details will be deleted within 6 months of the graduation date you have given above. You may also be interested in applying for the full Student Recruitment and Outreach (SRO) Student Ambassador role: for further details please see

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