Peer Observation of Teaching Workshop

The ‘Training for Peer Observation of Teaching‘ Workshop took place on the 8th December 2015 with practitioners from a variety of backgrounds attending.

Those attending provided qualitative and quantitative feedback; a selection of the former are shown below.

“Good opportunity to reflect on a personal level re what/why we do POT”

“The chosen videos were excellent – good opportunities to look at skills/barriers to peer review”

“Enjoyed this, though I’m not normally fond of role play. I gained a lot from discussion within our small group”

“Will be taking this back to our education team to freshen up our debriefing in simulation training”

Also shown below is a figure with the collated quantitative feedback scores, rated on a Likert Scale, for the sessions delivered during the day.


Principles and Practice of Simulation Module

The Principles and Practice of Simulation module was successfully delivered for the second time from 16th – 20th November.

Quantitative and qualitative feedback from the students was extremely positive, and represented a small improvement from the first delivery of the module in 2014. A figure showing the responses (scored on a Likert scale) is shown below, along with a quote from one of the students.

“Thank you [Wes] (and Jo) very much for the simulation course last week; it was great to meet such enthusiastic teachers and challenge my brain again. We also had a lovely group on the course which was very fortunate.”

PPoS Nov15 Figure