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Patrick Johnson

The Importance of Using Links on Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

By analysing Dave Chaffey’s (2011) Digital Marketing Channels model below it can be stated that a fundamental aspect of social media marketing is to drive traffic to the company’s web domain. One way of increasing website traffic from social media… Continue Reading →

Customer engagement can be defined as “an intimate long-term relationship with the customer” (Sashi, 2012, p.254). Companies can use social media to enhance relationships with their customers, increase customer satisfaction and drive profitability (Barger, Peltier & Schultz, 2016). Measuring customer… Continue Reading →

Patrick Johnson: Goodstuff Application Answers

1) Convince us why we should choose you to join our team of Goodstuffers I am a highly motivated undergraduate student from the UK who has completed a 1-year internship, working as an Acquisition Go to Market support assistant at… Continue Reading →

From the late 1930s, celebrity and athlete endorsements have been a popular marketing ploy for companies, with the earliest example being baseball star Babe Ruth endorsing Red Rock Cola, a soft drinks company (Bradic, 2015). Typically, companies use celebrities and… Continue Reading →

How Can You Tell if Your Customer Service on Social Media is Effective?

The purpose of this blog is to select an area of Dave Chaffey’s six channels model (Chaffey, 2016) to audit, the channel this blog will audit is Social Media Marketing but specifically Customer Feedback on Social Media channels, mainly focusing… Continue Reading →

Paddy Power’s Website Design Review

Paddy Power – Website Review This blog will review Paddy Power’s website in relation to the literature from Valacich, Parboteeah & Wells (2007). Paddy Power is a bookmaker based in the UK & Ireland and operates Ireland’s largest telephone betting… Continue Reading →

Argos: The High Street Digital Revolution

The purpose of this blog is to review the partnership between Brandwatch and Argos, this blog uses a case study (Brandwatch, 2017) to understand the partnership and how Brandwatch have supported Argos to lead a high street revolution.   Summary Argos… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at University of Brighton Blog Network. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site… Continue Reading →

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