Got questions before you start at Brighton?

We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions from our recent Computing, Engineering and Mathematics online Q&A.


Maths questions

How is the step from ALevel study to first year undergraduate?

University maths is different from A Level: It’s a huge subject with different pathways and there is so much that’s new and exciting to learn. Some of it is challenging, you would expect that. But a lot of it is fun. You meet a range of different ways mathematics is used and different mathematical ideas. You’ll only spend about 10-15 hours a week at uni but you’ll need to spend more than that studying yourself, so finding a way to balance your hours on top of other commitments will be a great asset at uni.

Can you tell me about placements?

We have a placement opportunity between the second and third year. You spend a year working for an organisation – with pay – and the arrangement is about both giving you a range of experiences in the work place and using your particular skills as a mathematician. To give you an example we had a student do a placement in a company that does analytics for the shipping industry. She had a very positive experience and they offered her a job.


General questions

What are Brighton’s plans for the near future? Will we start in September regardless, doing our work over video chats/the internet? Or will start dates be pushed back?

We’re open for applications for September 2020. We hope to start the autumn term as planned, but will follow government and PHE guidance. We have a dedicated Covid-19 planning team who are monitoring the national situation and contingency planning to ensure that students continue to enjoy quality teaching and learning. We understand this is an unusual time for everyone. For further information please refer to our website FAQs here:

Does that mean we may have to stay living at home?

We are planning for the accommodation to start as normal, but it’s a little unknown. I would suggested you still put your application for accommodation in so you are in the system and we can keep you updated.

If you would normally need accommodation in Brighton then please ensure you apply for it by the deadline of 30 June.

How do I go about having support in university as I currently have a Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), and have a Needs Assessment Report (NAR)?

The important thing to remember is that we are here to support you. Our disability team will be able to help you through the process. What they will need is the correct evidence of either a medical certificate or educational report about what your disability it so they can ensure you have the right help and support in place.

You can find out more on our website here, too:

Is it possible to get any other scholarships and financial help except student finance for international students?

If you are an international fee paying student (so non-EU) you can apply for a £2500 international scholarship on our website:

You may wish to check this out about your fees:

How does the student fees for the year work? And how do I go about paying my tuition so I have to pay it in full or have all the money for the first year of the course before I start the course?

As an international student, you need to pay your deposit prior to starting to secure your CAS for the Tier 4 visa (if you need one). And then you can either pay for the full year or arrange with the fees team to pay it in instalments throughout the year. More information can be found here:

Or, if you are self-funding then you would arrange the payment details when you enrol in September. They you can pay in full or pay the first-year fees over six months starting in November. If you are an international student then your deposit will be taken off your total fees.



Stephanie Thomson • May 14, 2020

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