Case Study: IKEA’s Apporach to Engage Customers

Case Study : Brief Summary of IKEA & The Socializers (Using Technology as a tool for change)

IKEA launched the listening hub in order to understand more about customers with the hope to increase customer engagement. The listening hub aided IKEA in collecting global conversations about the brand from various social media platform. These¬† platforms consists of twitter, facebook, linkedin, pininterest,brandwatch and various others. Being the world’s largest furniture retailer, it’s fair to say IKEA have done something right. IKEA are now able to follow conversations and conduct topic analysis with the help of the analytics technology platforms. Conducting anylsis of the customer’s conversation allow the company to gain more insight into the customer’s perception of the services, products and the overall brand.

Customer Complaints are not a positive representation of company however, the information presented¬† can be used to ammend, prevent and strategies into making the customer experience better. The multinational group of comnpanies can now identify customer complaints by country in real time. This can be seen in the case study in the example of the Brandwatch Vizia, when they saw differences in the perception of the of the brand’s customers service accross different regions. Collection of real data enable fast action to be taken by IKEA.

Check out IKEA’S real time youtube subscriber count :

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