Meet the staff: Jess Moriarty

Dr Jess Moriarty is leader for the Creative Writing programme and course leader for Creative Writing MA and English Literature and Creative Writing BA(Hons) .

“I teach Creative Writing here at UoB to our amazing undergrad and postgrad students. I’m currently working on a book called Creative Recovery on how to restart your creative life after a setback or hiatus.”

During Covid 19 Jess’s desk is currently the kitchen table which also doubled as a home-school (for 2 gold star pupils!) and construction site office.

One of the many research projects Jess has been involved in is ‘The Clothes on Our Back’ a joint project with the Diversity Lewes focused on developing inclusion in HE using the khanga archive at Brighton Museum which they are now seeking further funding to take it forward.

“I to relax by taking long walks on the beautiful Sussex Downs and by the sea with my family and Boris the pug who belongs to one of my PhD students. While they hit the books, we hit the beach with Boris!”

Jess is currently working on a project exploring experiences with Covid 19 using image and text with a performance artist and preparing for a symposium for the Centre of Arts and Wellbeing entitled Performance and Wellbeing.

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