About this website

This is a website developed to help commemorate the life, work and legacy of Friedrich Engels particularly as it relates to Eastbourne.  It is supported by the University of Brighton, which has a campus in Eastbourne.  Its aims are to help:

1) Celebrate the life of Engels, especially in relation to his time in Eastbourne and the local area

2) Trace the history of efforts to commemorate ‘Engels in Eastbourne’ in the past and help support current campaigns to commemorate Engels in Eastbourne

3) Share Engels’s work and increase understanding of his work with new audiences – especially in relation to his work undertaken done in later life that might have a connection to Eastbourne / the local area

4) Promote an understanding locally of Eastbourne’s radical history and heritage – especially when related to Marxism / socialism – and support efforts to commemorate that radical history and heritage

5) Promote the conference ‘Engels in Eastbourne’ and other educational commemorative events relating to ‘Eastbourne and Engels’ / Eastbourne’s radical history that might be relevant

This is something of a work in progress – suggestions for how to improve this site and additional information are very welcome – please contact Dr Christian Hogsbjerg at c.hogsbjerg@brighton.ac.uk – many thanks