Week Two

Ahead of the heavily anticipated release of her debut album ‘Good Riddance’ last month, Gracie Abrams held small, unique, acoustic events to celebrate its release, where she played a few songs from the record as well as existing popular tracks from her EPs ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ and ‘minor’. I was lucky enough to travel up to Nottingham for one of these shows.

When singing live, Abrams has an honest and open quality that is amplified by interactions with the crowd, you feel that she is your friend, singing just to you in such an intimate setting. A fan described Abrams’ music as feeling like ‘going back to your adolescent bedroom as a grown-up’. Every note became a sing-along, an emotional catharsis that everyone in attendance became a part of almost involuntarily when you experience such an authentic performance.

The shared vulnerability allowed for the small room at ‘The Level’ to become an entirely open space free for everyone in attendance to feel and experience the show exactly as they were. As Abrams prepares to support Taylor Swift on her upcoming Eras tour, there was a deeper understanding in the room that this was likely the last time any of us would see her on this scale.

@oneinemilyion finally got to hear feels like again @gracie abrams love u so much #gracieabrams ♬ original sound – ems

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