Week Three

For my last review, I wanted to look at Harry Styles’ performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Coventry. Harry, who took to the stage in a sparkling purple jumpsuit, shared plenty of songs from his third album Harry’s House, which was released only a week prior, as well as long time favourites that even those who weren’t huge fans of his would be able to happily sing along to.

As the show continued, Styles encouraged the audience to turn to the person next to them and fist bump.. or hug… or just embrace the moment we were all experiencing. ‘Take that energy out into the world with you, do your best to treat people with kindness’. The saying, which has become Styles’ motto, could be felt throughout the entire night as everyone there treated each other with humility and understanding. 

Styles commands the stage with a joyous presence that makes it no surprise the upcoming Love On Tour, which returns to the UK this summer, is so anxiously anticipated.

Through reflecting on previous gigs over the last three weeks, I have rediscovered a passion and feel encouraged to continue reviewing live music and the blog has sparked a continued interest in this hobby.

@oneinemilyionHarry got everyone to have a cuddle before TPWK and it was the sweetest part of the night🥺

♬ original sound – 🫀

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