Moving from Relay to mediastream – update

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Many thanks to those of you who have successfully moved your videos from the old Relay server to mediastream. Central Media Services have been working hard to transfer all the videos requested ahead of the Christmas period.

Whilst the majority of videos requested have been moved, we are still receiving new requests from staff. Therefore we have decided to extend the period for moving until Friday 1st February 2019. After this date, videos stored on the old media server (Relay) will no longer be available.

If you need guidance on how to check if you have videos that need moving, or want a copy of the form that needs to be completed, please see our blog post from earlier this year

Below are some answers to common questions we are receiving.




I submitted my form, how do I know if my video has been moved to mediastream?

You should have received a system email notification for each video transferred, stating the video is now available on mediastream. You can also search mediastream using the instructions below (if you have deleted the confirmation email, for example)

To find your videos on mediastream

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Log in by clicking the login button (top right of screen) entering your usual university username and password
  • Now click the search button (top right of screen) and search for your name. You’ll see a search result listed that says ‘Contributor [Your Name]’. Click on your name.
  • You’ll now see any videos uploaded by you.

*An alternative approach to finding your videos is to click the my account button and clicking My Content in the drop down list.

navigating mediastream


If you still don’t see your video:

  • Try searching for the title of the video. It is possible the video is on mediastream, but hasn’t been attributed to you (you can request this by contacting Central Media Services).
  • Contact your LTA for guidance.


My new mediastream video is in my ‘personal’ category, can I share this with other people?

Initially, any video uploaded using the ‘Personal’ category will be private to you – do not share the link in the confirmation email (it won’t work for other people).

To share a video in your personal category:

  • Open the video in mediastream
  • Click the share icon (top right of the video)
  • Click Enable Public Access
  • You’ll see a new, shareable link to your video (copy this and use this to share your video)









How to I add my new video to studentcentral?

Yes! A whole bunch of different ways.

Just as a link – simple but effective. Click here for how to add a link to studentcentral

Using the mediastream mash up tool – this frames the video on your studentcentral area so it plays within studentcentral. It also allows you to add a video that is set as private (and only students registered on that module can see the video). Click here for guidance on how to do this

Using the embed code – this gives you little more flexibility if you want to be creative with your studentcentral area. See this video for guidance with embedding a video

If you’re not sure which method suits you best, Contact your LTA for guidance.


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