Positive Nearpod Evaluation Outcome!

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We are pleased to announce the continued support for Nearpod in 2015/16


During 2014/15 the eLearning team have been conducting a pilot of a mobile enabled presentation and interaction tool called Nearpod. We had 9 pilots running in a number of schools semester 1 and gathered feedback from both staff and students to gauge the impact on both staff and students involved.

The pilot sought to investigate the suitability of Nearpod as an institution wide tool to support changes in the model of teaching as well as the ‘Switch it on’ policy, based on the evaluation of 4 key criteria:
1.    Functionality
2.    Usability and accessibility
3.    Technical and support
4.    Impact and engagement

Details of the pilot report can be found below –


If you are interested in finding out more about using Nearpod in Learning and teaching please contact one of your site LTAs

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