1 to 1 with rachael

Having my one to one with rachael was super helpful. In this 1 to 1, we not only went through my work but we also had a discussion on the context of my work and how this could progress. It was so interesting to me to hear her understanding and praise for subculture and the rave scene.

Some feedback that I received was that the photography and ideas was great but it would be great if I experimented with different themes and settings that weren’t just rave venues and people dancing, think about trying to make it more personal by thinking about what it means to me. for example, taking photos before/after the rave or outside the rave. Rachael also convinced me that my original idea of having and producing my own zine wouldn’t show the full potential of my idea, she told me that my project is worth being bigger and in peoples faces to ensure that the same passion was seen in the presentation.

Something really interesting that rachael brought up was the idea of using other peoples archives or contribution to ensure that the same theme of unity and passion came across in my final piece. This made me think about my mum’s photobooks from the 80s youth culture taken at events and raves.

Some of the other feedback and inspiration that i took down was:

  • Molly mckindoe / city books
  • Subculturals theory the subcultures reader.
  • Subculture the meaning of style.
  • exbition rebel 30 years London fashion.
  • The museum of youth culture.
  • Free party a folk history

I think my next step is to look into the artist that was recommended and the idea and concept of subculture and how i can make my project more personal to me… what does rave culture mean to me?

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