final evolution

My overall journey into Editorial Writing has been an adventure. The journey has shared its variety of ups and downs. Becoming an Editorial Writer has really made me step out my comfort zone. Writing was often a subject that i would try to avoid due to being dyslexic and a visual learner. My knowledge on Editorial Writing was just to keep it formal and bland. But as I began to look into different Editorial Writing, I learned that they could be experimental and expressive too. As an Editorial Writer, I was placed into a group of six creatives and together we formed a magazine in which we called ‘Dvoid’, meaning freeform. Dvoid Magazine is a fashion magazine and is created by the aim of keeping readers aware of the sustainable future. For my final pieces in the magazine, I created; ‘Molly Taylor. The journey to self’ an interview based on […]

main article reflect

So far, I am very proud of my outcome of the development of my mental health issue with discusses micro dosing mushrooms and effects of anti-depressants. I really liked how the use of my sister in this article made it more personal to me, it was like I connected more with this article as I was writing something that truly meant a lot to me. However when I look at my draft of the mental health article, they are many things that I could change to it as I read over it. Such as firstly, rewording the introduction, it sounds very forced to me and I want the article to seem way more relaxed and flow more within the content that I am going to speak about. However despite me disliking how forced the introduction was, I did enjoy that I used a question to end the paragraph, just because […]

dystopian shoot

the dvoid team headed to an abandoned house in shoreham to produce a photoshoot based on dystopian living in the future. in this photoshoot we collaborated with a fashion design student and the students from brighton film school, creating a scene that was so mysterious. this photoshoot was extremely fun but extremely cold! it was nice to work with other people, rather then our group just to see their artist points of views on our concepts. my role in this photoshoot was just to assist with the set, sometimes helping the vp with taking bts content and then helping with lighting. i did feel like as we had so many people come to this photoshoot that my role wasn’t really needed but i still enjoyed coming and helping.

cctv camera shoot

today me and the dvoid magazine group headed to a car park in brighton for a photoshoot based on cctv cameras and the virtual world of being watched. i don’t believe that this is one of our most successful shoots but it was super eventful and a bit spontaneous? the shoot didn’t feel planned as we originally were kicked out of the first location due to trespassing and a few members of the crew came very late. I enjoyed being there to support the team, my role was to help out when needed but as it was a small shoot, i wasn’t needed much. but i was very impressed with how the team handle that situation.

molly interview

For the identity part of our magazine, I interviewed molly taylor. A student and graphics designer based in brighton. It was really exciting doing my first in person interview with a group of people to help me. I worked along side, the visual promoter to ensure that we captured words and videos to feature in the magazine. Where I had written a few questions and stuck to them, I wished maybe I thought about the questions and how they actually would sound over audio but apart from that I was very happy with the first proper interview, I learned so much from this interview from how people see their own identity to working in a crew to ensure that the interview ran smoothly.

Mini magazine collage

In this workshop, we experimented with collaging and making a mini magazine, to play around and experiment with how we might want our magazine to look like. When creating mine, I had the brief idea of sticking to our futuristic theme through using images of transport, computers and sticking to a dystopian colour palate. For the main cover, I placed a picture of a woman who was in colour and wore a tin like dress, complimenting her with a black and white background which looked very space like- much like she was on another planet. On the next page, I paired a car with writing just because I thought the use of motion was meaningful. I placed a random quote upside down, experimenting with different ways to show quotes. And lastly, at the end of the mini magazine, I wanted to end it with an enigma by adding a random […]

micro dosing photoshoot

for this photoshoot, dvoid magazine created imagery based off my main mental health article where i discuss micro dosing mushrooms. i was very excited to come to this photoshoot as it was almost like my words had come to life. i contributed to props in this photoshoot by bringing real and non toxic mushrooms to the studio to help achieve a more realistic look to the photographs. with my role, i was assisting behind the scenes and casually giving out a few ideas to help the photographs. i believe that we all worked together to create some really interesting photographs.

foraging walk. research.

Despite my primary research into foraging via interviewing Emma Collins, I carried out further research into the world of foraging. After finding a WhatsApp group full of brighton foragers, i asked them what was the best spot in brighton for foraging, i was told stanmer park had some of the best foraging finds in brighton. So after finding out that information on a cold november morning, me and my friends grabbed our snacks for a picnic, pre downloaded our mushroom identify app and caught the next bus towards stanmer park. As we ventured into the deep forests of stanmer park, we looked around and could not identify or scout out any mushrooms or treasures, except from the beautiful surroundings of the forest. But as we continued to stroll through the woods, we started to spot more and more mushrooms, once we finally spotted one, our eyes were open to more […]

magazine update

through many discussions surrounding around futurism and our magazine, we all agreed that our original technology and cyber idea was mainstream and overly done before. as a magazine we believed that we could cross boundaries and try coming up or following an aesthetic that is barely even touched upon within the futurism theme. we mixed surrealism with realism, showing natural living within a surrealist way. using natural tones and themes to convey a theme so unfamiliar and sci-fi based. we wanted to remove the technology and cyber from the future and explore themes that would impact on the future.  


when thinking about who our magazines customers audience is as a group we came up with many different ideas. Thinking about our customer audience helped generate more ideas into our head into how we wanted our magazine to look like for our ideal customer audience. Our ideal customer audience was male/female/non-binary, we don’t believe that our magazine will be more appealing to one certain gender. However we decided to keep our customer audience based in 18-20ish, gen z’s just so we could make the future seem a bit more appealing to them. We pictured a alternative/quirky person, who’s not afraid to play around with their style and be different. They enjoy going to raves and researching more about the meta verse.