museum trip.

Last Saturday, I headed to the Tate Modern to look for inspiration for my research module. I found that going to the Tate Modern was very helpful for my project when discovering new artist to inspire me and my work. I knew the areas that’s i was keen to explore but wasn’t sure which ways that I could explore them, meaning that I went to the Tate Modern with a completely open mind.

One of the first artist that I discovered as i entered the museum was Romanian Artist, Geta Brătescu. Her 8mm film, black and white video ‘Hands (For the Eye, the Hand of my Body Draws My Portrait) 1977’ was one of the first pieces of art that i came across. The film shows a pair of the artist own hands, moving restlessly around her studio desk. The video was so simple but yet showed an artistic way of showing perspective and an artists point of view. I liked how Geta relies on the black and white film to create tone and texture for the audience to view. In relation to my project, I have a keen interest in film and moving image, I have expressed how I would like to explore on both areas. When thinking about camera shots, tone and texture, Geta is perfect as inspiration and I would be interested in looking into more of her work.

The next artist that drew my attention was artist, Naufus Ramirez-Figueora and his work “Blue Abstraction, 2012”, The work features a high definition video of a man being painted with blue paint in memory of the artists uncle. Inspired by early black and white films, blue often appeared ghostly white in these, making objects look like they had disappeared.

In relation to the artist uncle, he was an activist and experimental theatre maker who was murdered when Naufus was only six years old. He states “Trauma is something that doesn’t fit

into the narrative of your life, it stands out and how the thing stands out, I expressed it through the neon blue.” Naufus’s work stood out to me as his representation of colours a big responsibility within his video. I love the personal and pepper meaning of the colour and how it is used to represent something so personal to him whilst still referring to old black and white films. In relation to my research and thoughts when thinking about moving image, using colour as a representation in a moving image could make it more personal and meaningful to me.

Liz Johnson Artur was another artist which stood out to me for her documentary style photography which documents the lives of black people from the African Diaspora, celebrating the normal. I was drawn to her work for her realism images that are captured on film photography, I love how each image is naturally composed, showing themes of celebration,

class and identity through series of images, some in colour and some in black and white. I love the way that she captures the subjects identity through a photograph. Liz inspires me as a photographer because I have decided that I enjoy capturing and documenting photographs rather than creating studio based and posed photographs. I love how much identity you can capture within an image. I also loved how Liz’s work was presented. She showcased her images through not only neatly hung picture frames but scrapbooks fill of her images. Which I believe added a more personal touch to the images rather then just presenting them all in photo frames which is something i would love to add into my future work.

jules and dani group tutorial

I had a group reflection with Jules and Dani on our progress with the project, I received helpful feedback and inspiration from them as well as the other students in my group tutorial, which helped motivate my research project even more. I explained to them my progress so far and they recommend looking more into contextual sides to my project, once I explained that I was interested in documentary photography, reality and rave cultures, I was recommended that I should look more into archival photographs, recommending things like:

  • The peoples archive (via. instagram)
  • British culture archives : riots and gatherings
  • Pymca archive
  • youth archive.
  • Anthony price01.
  • Cold archieve.
  • Collective joys ;the idea of workship.
  • Tara st hill

My next steps are to look more into artist based around my contextual research, maybe create mood boards and reflect on chosen artist and then look into recommended artist research.

group tutorials with eloise.

Today in small groups, we spoke to eloise for guidance and feedback on our thoughts and ideas on the research module. It was interesting to hear other peoples ideas, thoughts and inspiration for this project, i liked how  different and unique everyones thoughts and ideas were, in a way they motivated me more for this project.

I had previously spent the whole night trying to finalise an idea with a theme and concept, so when it came to my turn to share my thoughts and ideas, I was reminded by Eloise that there was no need to force an idea and a concept yet, the module was all about experimenting in the areas that you wanted to- which was great to hear as I was stressing about a concept and an idea. I shared how I was interested in exploring film photography and my interest in experimental film making, as well as making zines also, but my main focus was film photography. I have experimented with film photography a few times in secondary school and college but I slowly backed away from it cause film can tend to be unpredictable. But ever since purchasing a new film camera in the summer, I have enjoyed the process and anticipation of film. The feedback that i received from Eloise, was to work more freely and focus on experimenting and research rather than producing a finalised project.

Year three. Introduction to module.

After my first glance at the handbook previously before my first lesson, I found the handbook rather confusing.. The idea of having an independent project sounds exciting but in a way overwhelming, Coming up with a project with no prompt or theme provided by the tutors. But overall, I am excited as this sounds like a challenging year which I hope to be brought out my comfort zone and explore different challenges. By the end of this project, I hope to come up with a concept which I enjoy and am proud about whilst incorporating my interest into this project to make the project a bit more personal to myself.

The key areas that I am interested are filming, I really enjoyed experimenting with moving image for my editorial project in second year, creating a sequence of images to create tone and aesthetics was enjoyable to see a series of images come alive from the studio.

I am also interested in zines/magagzines, there’s so many areas that I could contribute into a magazine. From my experience with touching on personal events with editorial writing to overall creating photoshoots.

I also wouldn’t mind looking into brands and creating my own clothing brand for a certain audience, I enjoy making trend boards, creating logos and looking social media.

As you can see, I have many options and choices that i could look into. I think my next step would be to narrow down ideas and think of different concepts and how I could add them into my own project. I should also start creating mood boards and mind maps to keep my ideas, inspiration and concepts flowing.

pitch, fashion space

pitch fashion space

we all took turns to pitch our own fashion space ideas via teams chat. I found that it was very interesting to see what everyone elses own approach to the theme was, not only did it give me an insight and inspire me but it also let me gain good feedback into how i could progress my fashion space. Despite starting my pitch very undecided on my theme and idea, this was great as the feedback that i received motivated me and inspired me to create more research. some of the feedback that i received included; looking into modern day research, trying out experimentations and to try and understand who my target audience was.

the pitch helped me understand my next steps in the process to creating my fashion space.


we were given out excel sheets with different workshops that were happening in the upcoming weeks, the ones that first appealed to me were the workshops looking into a.i, virtual programs like cloud 3d and blender, as they were all aspects that i haven’t really touched upon within my work, the virtual world is very new to me and i believe that it’s something that i would find interesting to explore.

UPDATE Due to personal family problems, i had to travel home and attend funerals which meant that i wasn’t able to attend any of the work shops. however i managed to carry out independent research in my own time into these workshops that i wanted to attend.

experimenting with space

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In this workshop in lesson, we were all given a medium focus in groups and we all had to come up with a fashion space resolving around our theme of future bodies. the medium focus that we were given was graphics and lines. our group had decided to create our very own crime scene based on a death by over consumption of high street fashion.

to create this space, we had two people lie on the ground whilst the other two would follow the bodies around and place electrical tape around each of the bodies, creating an outline much like a crime scene. we then placed loose fabric all over the space, to seem like the bodies were swallowed up by the fabric. for our last touches, we added crime scene cards and added cereal letters inside one of them that said ‘its a crime to be this fashionable’.

this was grey experimenting when thinking about my very own space and my limits of expression.

Year 2. Introduction to pathway projects

today in this lesson we were introduced to our new project, titled; fashion space, future bodies. I was found this title very exciting as the future is not commonly explored. within my last project, our magazine was based on future living in a sustainable future. i believe that i have touched upon some future aspects but it would be interesting to see what type of space i can create based on future bodies. I think that there’s so much that i can do with the theme, from technology to thinking about the human form and how it come develop in the future. I am very interested to see how my ideas start to develop throughout this project. I believe that my next step will be to look into artist and follow out research, whilst starting to brainstorm ideas.

website content.

As well as creating words for dvoid magazine, i also worked along side the visual promoter to help create content for the website. as shown in my sketchbook, i created plans and reflections on these pieces but due to the website not being completed and having different deadlines as the visual promoter, i am showcasing the final outcomes in my blog. for the website, i created the words and the visual promoter, visually conveyed my words throughout the website. I created 3 pieces of work for the website; 10 movies to prepare you for the future, time capsule and our impact.

The final outcome of my website listed article, 10 films to prepare you for the future. i took inspiration for the words from a dazed article that listed their favourite halloween films. i wanted to show a mixture of films based around our shared magazine theme of ‘living in the future’ adding a few conventional films that everyone can relate to and then adding a few films that people might have not had heard of such as ‘la jetee’, by keeping a different range of films it allows me to speak to a different variety of audience, not just our target audience. however as our target audience is aimed at creative gen z’s, i believe that this list is perfect for them as i feature a few experimental films in them.

In the next article featured on the website, i created an article called ‘time capsule’. the whole idea of the article is to create a virtual/online time capsule that our viewers would bring into the future with them, the items of choice has been chosen by our audience, which makes the article a bit more personal to the audience.

And finally, for the last article featured on the magazines website. I moved my impact article onto the website, where i created a video from the sound that i captured and recorded from the interview. My inspiration came from vice, and the way that would set a scene in the interview before the discussions began. For the video, i found it really challenging to create the visuals for the audio that was captured as I wished that I recorded a video around the time of the interview just so it made a bit more sense. However I overcame this challenge by speaking with the rest of my group and they all happily supplied me with videos that they had taken and with the videos, I created a montage of clips to go with the interview.