formative with eloise

In this group formative, me and my group shared with each other how our research project is going and any feedback on how to make the project progress. It was interesting to hear other people ideas and see their work. One person in my group was in a similar position where she had no clue what her final outcomes could be but passionately shared her interest in identity. It was nice to hear this as it came as a reassurance this project shouldn’t be a race, its most important to just keep experimenting.

When it came to my turn, I was worried about the little of work in my sketchbook due to having to wait for my 35mm film to be developed. But the feedback that I received was so helpful:

  • Rave being homemade and personal.
  • Underground aspects, the experiences.
  • Minilising social media, what raves and underground culture was like before media.More zines then and now.
  • Bootleg tapes 90s raves, merchandise and collectives.
  • Photographs senaros, text with photographs explore contexts.
  • Nan gouldin, corrin day, female gaze in photography.
  • Wolfgang tillmans, early 90s stuff.
  • Statement of intent with ghant chart.
  • 100 pages, sketchbook limit.
  • Blog; weekly reflection, challenges
  • Sketchbook; research, experimentation.

My next step is to look more into research and keep on experimenting.

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