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Last Wednesday, I headed to the photography unit for a scanner workshop. In this workshop, I learnt how to make my film negatives into high quality digital copies with a scanner, and creating contact sheets with the negative and then taking the digital copies and editing them.

I took the negatives from my film camera that i had captured at some festivals over the summer. I recently got them developed and didn’t realise that I could create my own digital prints with the scanner rather than paying for them to be done, which was great to discover!

With my negatives i placed them front up into the negative holder, ensuring that i held the film by the sides rather than the middle, then clipped the negative holder on to the scanner. The first mistake that i made was i forgot to remove the white inner screen from the top of the inside of the scanner, this meant that when i scanned my images in, all of the scans were dark and showed up black. Once i removed the screen then i was able to visually see the scans of the computer. I then selected the picture that i wanted to select and upload, making sure i changed the output size to a4, so that the image didn’t scan through as a small image, then lastly pressed scan and did this to each negative that i had.

This workshop took a lot of patience and time, despite how simple i thought scanning things would be. Just because richard had expressed to me that the scanner’s program didn’t deal with colour negatives too well, the scanner would play up and show lines on the negatives but with movement and time, i got the result that i was hoping to get.

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