group tutorials with eloise.

Today in small groups, we spoke to eloise for guidance and feedback on our thoughts and ideas on the research module. It was interesting to hear other peoples ideas, thoughts and inspiration for this project, i liked how  different and unique everyones thoughts and ideas were, in a way they motivated me more for this project.

I had previously spent the whole night trying to finalise an idea with a theme and concept, so when it came to my turn to share my thoughts and ideas, I was reminded by Eloise that there was no need to force an idea and a concept yet, the module was all about experimenting in the areas that you wanted to- which was great to hear as I was stressing about a concept and an idea. I shared how I was interested in exploring film photography and my interest in experimental film making, as well as making zines also, but my main focus was film photography. I have experimented with film photography a few times in secondary school and college but I slowly backed away from it cause film can tend to be unpredictable. But ever since purchasing a new film camera in the summer, I have enjoyed the process and anticipation of film. The feedback that i received from Eloise, was to work more freely and focus on experimenting and research rather than producing a finalised project.

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